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To register a single user license for personal use, you can pay GBP 35 using VISA or Mastercard via Paypal to the adress .

You can also transfer the GBP 35 to our Revolut account.
(IBAN # GB82REVO00997011734824 / BIC (Swift ID) REVOGB21).

To pay in Bitcoin, click here

Please state the registration name and send an email to, to let us know about the bank transfer. In this email please give us your name and address (needed for the license key).
Please note that we do not create licenss to email or web addresses or imaginary names.

You will receive a license key with installation instructions about 2-5 working days after we receive your payment and email.

Companies, associations and societys (both single- and multi-user licenses):

As a registered company you will receive an invoice instead of prepayment (there is a minor fee).

You will need to send an email to detailing name of registrant (Company name), company address, invoice address, the required number of licenses, company registration ID and (if required) order no., reference etc.

Typically you will receive a license key with install instructions and an invoice in the mail about 5 working days after we receive your email.

A single user license is GBP 35, a 5-user license is GBP 130, a 10-user license is GBP 245, a 20-user license is GBP 400 and a 30-user license is GBP 540

Write us and let us know how many licenses you require. You can purchase the exact number of licenses that you need; i.e. a 7-user, a 53-user or a 184-user license.

If you are located in Denmark please add 25% danish sales tax (moms)